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Roofing Questions and Answers

Q: How do I know if I need a new roof?

A:  The most easily noticed sign that you need a new roof is a leak that shows up on the ceiling.  Roof damage is not always that easily spotted though.  There are a variety of factors that determine if you need a roof replacement.  Consider first the age of the roof.  If your roof is over 15 years old, you should have a professional come out to take a look.  Other things to look for are missing, cracked or torn shingles, a loss of shingle granules in the gutters and dark streaks on the roof.  Please do not climb on a roof yourself.  It is best to inspect from the land or ladder or using a drone.  We offer a complimentary roof inspection to determine your roof's condition. 

Q:How much will it cost to get my roof replaced?

A:The cost of a roof will vary depending on several factors including roof size, shingle type and color, extra warranties, steepness of the roof and other upgrades.  Many times your insurance company will cover the cost of a roof replacement.  This leaves the customer responsible for simply their deductible and any extra features they wish to add not covered by insurance.  In Texas, it is illegal for a contractor to cover an insurance deductible.  To get a more accurate estimate of the cost of your project, we can do measurements and estimates based on your shingle selection.  Consider also that replacing shingles with a Class 4 impact-resistant product can save you up to 30% off your insurance each year. 

Q:  Who should I call first if I suspect roof damage?  My      insurance company or my roofing contractor?

A:  Call your roofing contractor first.  An experienced contractor can inspect your damage and advise whether there is enough damage present to pursue a claim with your insurance company or if a repair would be the best course of action.  Keep in mind that an insurance policy will typically cover hail damage but doesn't always cover wind damage.   Don't file an unnecessary claim if at all possible.  GHT will inspect your damage and advise you whether to contact your insurance company and have an adjuster sent out for further evaluation. 

Q:I've Gotten My Roof Replacement Approved By My Insurance Company, What Happens Now? 

A:Once the insurance adjuster approves the roof, you will be placed on our installation schedule and the process will begin.  You will work closely with us to choose the shingle type, style and color that will look best with your home's design.  Your insurance company will release a check, or ACV, with a portion of the cost on the scope of work.  This check, as well as your deductible, are paid upon installation.  GHT Roofing will then work directly with your insurance company, notify them upon completion of work, and submit a supplement request (if needed) for costs incurred during the installation that were not included in the original estimate.  This could be for siding, gutters, windows etc.  Then, the second check with the remaining approved, or depreciation, as well as any approved supplement will be directly released to GHT Roofing. In most cases we are able to work the insurance proceeds and the only out-of-pocket money is the homeowner's deductible. In some cases we are even able to upgrade the shingles to a better product for our customer. 

Q:  How long does it take to replace a roof?

A:  That depends on a few factors. The size of the roof, the size of the crew and their level of experience comes into play.  An average size home, using shingles, will take 1-2 days to get fully replaced and the area cleaned up.  Decra metal roofing systems take a bit longer to install.  The biggest issue is often the weather - it is not advised to start a roof replacement when there is rain forecasted. 

Q:  Should my roofing contractor cover my insurance deductible?

A:  Absolutely Not.  There is a Texas State Law that went into effect September 1, 2019 that makes it illegal for a contractor or roofer to waive an insurance deductible or promise a rebate for all or part of the deductible. Violators could get up to a $2,000 fine and up to six months in jail.  If a contractor offers to waive a deductible, report it to the Texas Attorney General's Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-621-0508.  Bad contractors often use the tactic of waiving a deductible to get the job but then cuts corners, uses lower quality products, or inflates the bill sent to the insurance company to cover the difference.  This is insurance fraud. If a contractor is willing to lie to the insurance company and put your ability to ever get another insurance policy in jeopardy - is this really someone who has your best interest in mind and someone you would trust with your home?  

Q:  How can I know if my roofing contractor is legitimate?

A:  There are several tips to avoid contractor fraud (these can be found on the Texas Dept. of Insurance website at

    1. Get written estimates on company letterhead with clear contact information.

   2.  Get more than one bid to gauge which ones are too high or too good to be                    true.  (Especially if you don't know the reputation of the company).

   3.  Check references and phone numbers.

   4.  Beware of those who have out-of-town references or solicit door-to-door.

   5.  Never pay in full up front and don't make a final payment until the job is done.

   6.  Never sign a contract with blanks on it.

   7.  Use a local, reputable company. 

   8.  Do not use a company that offers to cover your deductible.  They are offering            to break the law at the start just to get the job.  If integrity isn't important at               the  start, it probably will not be important if you have issues with your roof                 later. 

Q:  How is GHT Roofing different than our competitors?

A:  Darryl Lackey is the owner and operator of GHT Roofing.  Darryl has been one of the top roofers in Johnson and Hood County since 1998.   

    1. With over 22 years experience in roofing and over 1,500 satisfied roofing                      customers, we have the track record to make your roofing experience exceed          your expectations.

   2. GHT has the most experienced crews and uses only the highest-                                       quality  roofing products to ensure your home's protection against the                           elements.  We are GAF Certified installers. 

    3. GHT provides an on-site manager who stays throughout your roofing                               project to make sure everything is as perfect as possible.  We never drop                     crews off and  disappear for the  rest of the day.  We are on your                                        property every step of the  way.  

   4. We offer complimentary roof inspections and have a drone to                                             inspect especially steep roofs.  We are able to document all damage with                     pictures and drone footage for very accurate inspections. 

   5.  We have an experienced insurance specialist on staff to help you with the                    insurance claims process.  

    6. GHT is obsessive about a clean work-site.  We install a netting system around            your home in order to catch the debris falling from the roof  during tear-off                and during roofing.  This affords an extra layer of protection of your home                    and landscaping and catches most of the smaller items like nails! Beyond that,          we run magnets constantly during the job to capture any nails that may fall. 

   7. GHT never takes short-cuts.  We use the best synthetic felt and Storm Guard              valley protection before we even get to the shingles.  We also use 6 nails per              shingle and longer, galvanized nails for extra holding power.  We are a cut                      above our competitors.  

   8.  We provide an extra warranty.  Being GAF Certified installers, we are able to               provide a lifetime warranty that goes over and beyond a typical roof warranty. 

   9.  We are local, proven and trusted.  GHT carries a $2 million dollar                                         insurance policy.  We will be here for  you in the rare case any problems arise             with your roof in  the future. 

10.  GHT Roofing is able to do more than just your roof.  Through our sister                          company Granbury Home Transformations we are able to do large-scale                        renovations and construction. 


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